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Red Spot Single Pot Still 15 Yr Irish Whiskey 750ml

Celebrate the artistry of Irish whiskey with the Red Spot Single Pot Still 15 Year, a distinguish...

Celebrate the artistry of Irish whiskey with the Red Spot Single Pot Still 15 Year, a distinguished and aged spirit that epitomizes the rich heritage of whiskey craftsmanship. This 750ml bottle is a true testament to the mastery of the Midleton Distillery, showcasing a splendid blend of malted and unmalted barley distilled in traditional copper pot stills.

Aged for 15 years in a carefully selected combination of American oak, sherry, and Marsala wine casks, this expression unveils a captivating depth of flavor and complexity. The Red Spot 15 Year boasts a beautifully deep amber hue, inviting connoisseurs to indulge in a sensory journey.

On the nose, discover a harmonious fusion of rich fruitiness, with notes of ripe red apples, apricots, and hints of tropical fruits, complemented by a subtle spiciness. The palate is an exquisite dance of flavors, revealing layers of sweet vanilla, toffee, and honey, interwoven with the warmth of toasted oak and a touch of nuttiness. The mouthfeel is luxurious and velvety, creating a memorable sipping experience.

The finish is enduring, leaving a lingering impression of dried fruits, oak, and a gentle spice, inviting you to savor the moment. Red Spot Single Pot Still 15 Year is a collector's delight and a connoisseur's dream, encapsulating the essence of Irish whiskey tradition with every carefully crafted sip. Elevate your whiskey experience with this exceptional expression that pays homage to the legacy of Red Spot, a mark of distinction in the world of fine spirits.